Chromic Acid Anodizing


Chromic acid anodizing, or type 1 anodizing, enhances the corrosion resistance of aluminum parts and produces a thin opaque film that is soft, ductile, non-conductive, and to a degree, self-healing. A typical thickness is usually 0.00005-0.0001 inches. Chromic anodize may be applied as a pretreatment before painting to enhance adhesion, and it is harder to dye than sulfuric acid (type 2) anodize. The big advantage of the chromic acid anodizing process over other anodizing processes is that it does not lower the fatigue strength of the aluminum or damage the base material if it is entrapped in lap joints or blind holes. After the chromic acid anodizing process, the solution may be sealed in either hot water or sodium dichromate solutions. If you’re in need of Type 1 chromic acid anodizing or want to learn more about our services, request a quote from our experts.

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Why Choose Chromic Anodizing Services?

More corrosion and fatigue resistant than sulfuric acid anodizing, chromic acid anodizing offers a solution that’s flexible and durable for industries that require more specific treatment than that offered by sulfuric or hardcoat anodizing. Chromic anodize produces a very thin layer of coating that is strong yet pliant, making it a perfect solution for products that demand a little more flex. Type 1 anodize is commonly used in aerospace and defense in aluminum parts that must respond to great amounts of pressure. The thinner the coat, the more fatigue resistance, which makes type 1 anodizing a great fit for products that depend on both ultimate durability and flexibility.

Among the largest plating companies in the country, the INCERTEC team takes pride in keeping all services in house. This includes our heat treatment services, which can be applied to aluminum parts before or after chromic acid anodizing. Heat treatment adds steel-like strength to parts and our team can accommodate large quantities of parts.

Qualifications Matter for Chromic Acid Anodizing Services

INCERTEC has partnered with some of the biggest names in the aerospace, medical, defense, and outdoor recreation fields to create high-quality, dependable products. We understand the demands that come with some of these industries and are happy to assist our customers with custom solutions for durable coating and plating treatments. Gold, electroless nickel, and copper plating are some of our core specialties, along with anodizing types 1, 2 and 3.

NADCAP certifications include:

AMS-A-8625 MIL-A-8625
AMS 2468 AMS 2472
AMS 2471 AMS 2469

Chromic Anodizing Operations:

Type I Anodizing Operations: Emplame, Mexico
Optional Anodizing Services: RoHs Compliant, NADCAP, Teflon Impregnated
Available Colors: Clear and Black