INCERTEC's heat treatment oven in their production warehouse

We offer aluminum heat treating services to our vendors in conjunction with our plating and anodizing services. This gives our clients the convenience of having their plated or anodized part coincide with the metal heat treating services required before or after the electroplating process. Get started today with a quick quote!

Our Aluminum Heat Treating Process

We specialize in heat treating wrought aluminum alloys. Your parts will be processed into the specification IAW AMS2770L. The following are the alloys we can heat treat through this process.

  • • 1100, 2014, 2017, 2024, 2098, 2117, 2124, 2195, 2219, 2224, 3003, 5052, 6013, 6061, 6063, 6066, 6951, 7049, 7050, 7075, 7149, 7178, 7249, 7475

Any part that consists of aluminum requires heat treating. What we do is bring the alloy to its melting point, 1,000 degrees, in our heat treatment oven so it doesn’t lose its shape. Then, we dip the part in room temperature water. This process will help us form the alloy to your specified shape and add strength to the material so it feels like steel.

From there, we can handle your plating or anodizing needs. Our ovens can treat parts up to 36 inches in length, but we don’t have a cap on the amount of material you need to be heat treated.

Solution Heat Treatment Advantage

Our solution heat treatment will allow you to temper aluminum and get it to the proper grade required for manufacturers to use such as 6061-T6. All industrial aluminum needs to be heat treated, and our services are applicable for aerospace parts, medical devices, the military, and the oil and gas industry.

By partnering with us for heat treatment services, you’ll also save on the manufacturing cost required to move your parts from plant to plant. All of our plating and anodizing services can be applied before or after your part receives heat treatment.

If you want to learn more about our metal heat treating services or want help finding the right solution for your project, contact the INCERTEC team and get a free quote.

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