type-1-andozingType I Chromic Anodize
Chromic acid anodizing enhances the corrosion resistance of aluminum parts and produces a thin opaque film that is soft, ductile, non-conductive, and to a degree self-healing.
type-2-andozingType II Sulfuric Anodize
Type II Anodizing, also known as regular or Sulfuric Anodizing, is the process of using electrolytic oxidation to create an aluminum oxide surface on an aluminum part.
type-3-anodizingType III Hardcoat
This is the most durable anodize finish and will exceed wear characteristics of electroless nickel and hard chrome.
Masking is used to protect the defined areas from being exposed to the process i.e. Anodize, Hardcoat,Electroless Nickel, Gold Plating etc...