Benefits of the Tin Electroplating Process

Tin is a silver-white metal that can be deposited onto both ferrous and nonferrous surfaces. Tin can also be co-deposited with bismuth or lead to alter the composition of the metal, increasing its beneficial properties. Multiple industries utilize tin electroplating for its desirable properties like high ductility and high solderability.

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How Electroplating On 3D Parts Add Strength to Your Products

Since its initial development in the 1980s, 3D printing has been gaining momentum in the manufacturing industry. Instead of subtracting from a block of raw material or injecting into a mold, a part is created by building the structure layer by layer using a computer file as the “recipe” and raw material typically in the form of a powder, resin, or synthetic filament.

INCERTEC Awarded Products Finishing’s Elite 2023 Top Shops Distinction

Every year, major coating and finishing shops across North America participate in Products Finishing’s Top Shops program helps finishers identify optimal shopfloor practices and improve business operations and procedures. Based on the Top Shops Benchmarking Survey, Top Shops is much more than awards program. Reports containing a data driven analysis of the shops performance in numerous Read more…


INCERTEC was eager to take on the challenge of plating PBT. A material considered “non-plateable” by US metal finishing companies who routinely plated composite materials.

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