Aerospace Bearing & Gear Plating Services

Plating is vital for aerospace bearings and gears to protect them from corrosion and intense conditions. INCERTEC offers a full line of plating services for steel and stainless steel bearings and gears in various finishes. Lengthen the life and improve the overall performance of essential components with our industry-leading plating services.

INCERTEC’s Full Line of Stainless Steel Bearing & Gear Plating Services

We offer a number of options for plating stainless steel bearings and gears, including full plating and plating in preparation for heat treatments.

Full Plating Options

  • Cadmium Plating is applied according to AMS-QQ-P-416 as a final finish for maximum corrosion protection. Typical coating thicknesses are between .0002-.0007” thick
  • Zinc-Nickel Plating is an RoHS alternative to Cadmium and is applied according to AMS 2417 as a final finish for maximum corrosion protection. Typical coating thicknesses are between .0002-.0007” thick

Plating for Heat Treatment

  • Cyanide Copper Plating is a high-build copper coating ranging from .001-inches to .003-inches thick with the sole purpose of masking off a surface from carburizing and nitriding heat treatments
  • Porosity Testing is a drop test conducted on the high-build cyanide copper plating to ensure the plating will be a sufficient mask during the heat treatment process
  • Selective Plating & Masking uses INCERTEC’s extensive masking department to selectively plate any part. Customers can re-machine the surfaces needing heat treatment after plating or INCERTEC can mask the necessary surfaces beforehand
  • Copper Strip uses INCERTEC’s strip solution to remove the sacrificial copper plating after the carburizing or nitriding treatment—without etching steel or stainless steel alloys

Bearing & Gear Plating Benefits

Bearing and gear plating will improve the original material and make your components better suited to operating in harsh, demanding conditions. Specifically, plating your bearings and gears provides:

  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Increased durability and wear resistance
  • Reduced friction
  • Better operational efficiency

How Long Does Bearing and Gear Plating Last?

INCERTEC’s plating services will lengthen the lifespan of bearings and gears for multiple years, improving the larger systems they make up by reducing the amount of repair and maintenance required. However, plating is not permanent and will eventually be worn away in time. The effective duration of plating depends on the harshness of the environment, how often the components are used, and any other wear factors that the bearings or gears may come into contact with.

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Certified Guarantee

We stay ahead of the competition with our attention to detail, large-scale capabilities and our extensive certifications. INCERTEC currently holds certifications from the following institutions:

  • International Standards Organization
  • ITAR
  • FFL
  • RoHS

For further information on our various certifications, visit our certifications page.

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