Certified Metal Plating and Anodizing Company

INCERTEC is one of the largest certified metal plating companies in America, offering a wide variety of custom metal solutions to the aerospace, medical, oil and gas industries, and more. Our services and certifications set us apart from other plating companies due to our wide range of techniques and capabilities. From commercial anodizing to product development, we strive for innovation and technological excellence.

A Solutions-Based Anodizing & Electroplating Company

INCERTEC, a nationally recognized electroplating company, provides highly engineered, specialty metal plating solutions for industries and products where precision, knowledge and experience matter. As a leading metal plating company, we tackle the highest tolerances on the most delicate parts with the most difficult masks. We do it right—and we do it on time.



The INCERTEC name reflects our commitment to going above and beyond to create solutions for our customers and exceed their expectations as the premier anodizing and metal finishing company. This way of doing business has made us a go-to partner not only for standard metal plating, anodizing and finishing jobs, but also for plating on plastics, tough R&D plating, and cost-reduction challenges.



INCERTEC is among the largest metal plating companies in America. We have approvals from many of the world’s biggest names in the fields of aerospace, medical devices, and defense. Customers from these industries trust INCERTEC with their most demanding and important plating needs. Although gold plating, electroless nickel plating, copper plating, and anodizing are a few of our core specialties, we have the capabilities, internal expertise to tackle virtually any project. Contact us today to learn more or request an estimate.