A pumpjack (oil derrick) and oil refinery in Seminole, West Texas.
INCERTEC does custom plating in the oil and gas industry. We’re one of the largest certified specification plating and metal finishing companies in North America, so it only makes sense that we service an industry that houses one-third of the world’s energy supply. Our oil plating services make us the perfect partner in an industry that’s known for harsh environments and constant wear and tear on extraction equipment.

Our facilities in Fridley, Minnesota and Empalme, Mexico have years of experience and expertise in custom plating for oil industry parts.


  • Gold Electroplating: Applicable to a wide variety of substances including aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and tungsten copper.
  • Electrolytic and Electroless Nickel Plating & Metal Passivation: Used for corrosion protection that acts as a barrier for pressure sensors.
  • Masking & Technical Resources: In-house services that make us a valuable asset for any company in the oil and gas sector.

Let our track record of efficiency and precision enhance your oil or gas operation — contact us to discuss your specific needs!

Pipe work of an oil refinery plant.


INCERTEC has committed itself to high standards of precision, consistency, and quality for metal plating. Our team prides itself on being a nationally recognized metal finishing company.

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