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What is Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Testing: Why Utilize It?

While this inspection method is relatively simple, fluorescent dye penetrant testing expedites the testing of non-porous materials. we can effectively identify any flaws in your part without using harsh chemicals or substances that may damage its functionality.

In addition to its non-destructive qualities, fluorescent dye penetrant testing provides:

  • Faster identification of flaws in the material: This process makes the flaw indication much larger than the flaw itself. This makes it possible to identify flaws that are not visible by the naked eye, such as those smaller than 0.08 mm.
  • High reliability for flaw detection: There is a high level of contrast between the flaw indication and the background material with this process.
  • A testing solution for a wide range of materials: It’s possible to use this method forΒ Β  metallic, non-metallic, magnetic, and electrical insulator materials.
  • An effective way to test large amounts of material: The simplicity of fluorescent dye penetrant testing means that it streamlines the inspection process.


Identifying flaws in a part eliminates the possibility of having to scrap it further down the line in production. We take a proactive approach to inspection to enhance the predictability of your operations. When you can be sure that your part is not hiding any flaws, you can be certain that it will work the way you expect.

Testing to these standards requires experience and a familiarity with the industries that demand near perfection in their parts. INCERTEC assures quality for those in aerospace, medical and other industries that need a surefire plating solution.


At INCERTEC, we provide services with the utmost transparency for our customers. If you have any questions about our ASTM E1417 fluorescent dye penetrant service testing standards or how we can help you solve a plating challenge, contact us today to learn more!

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