metal-parts INCERTEC is nationally known as a trusted provider of gold electroplating and pure gold coating. We are accredited by NADCAP at both our Minneapolis/St. Paul headquarters and our Empalme, Sonora, MX international plating facility. NADCAP accredited gold plating specifications are shown below. INCERTEC specializes in highly precise electrodeposited pure gold plating on contact probes and other delicate parts making us a go-to partner for manufacturers in the medical device, aerospace, critical defense, and computer technology fields. We routinely plate gold of all grades and types onto a wide variety of substrates including aluminum, brass, copper (and copper alloys), stainless steel (and stainless steel alloys), titanium, and tungsten copper. Additionally, we are one of very few companies world-wide with the expertise and experience for plating gold on various composite substrates.
Process: Gold Plating (Type I, Type II, Type III and all grades)
MIL-DTL-45204 MIL-G-45204
ASTM B488 AMS 2422
580-0143 580-011-000
AMS 2422
ASTM B488 Types 1, 2 & 3
Gold plating operations: Minneapolis, MN, Empalme, Mexico Optional metal plating services: RoHS Compliant, Nadcap Certified