INCERTEC offers commercial anodizing and masking services to a wide range of industries that rely on our high-volume capabilities. Depending on your industry and the wear resistance required of your specific product, we offer three types of precision anodizing and additional masking services for parts that require conductivity. If you’re not sure which coating is right for your project, the experts at INCERTEC are happy to offer assistance in determining the appropriate coating applications for the part.

Industrial Anodizing Capabilities

An example of INCERTEC’s Type 1 Anodizing ServiceType 1 Anodizing
Thin, opaque coating that does not lower the fatigue strength of aluminum or damage the base material.

An example of INCERTEC’s Type 2 Anodizing ServiceType 2 Anodizing
Provides excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance, and is the most common and cost-effective coating option.

An example of INCERTEC’s Type 3 Anodizing ServiceType 3 Anodizing
The most durable coating, ideal for products that need to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions.

An example of INCERTEC’s Masking ServiceMasking for Anodizing
Used before another layer of coating is applied, especially for parts that require conductivity or have close tolerances.

Anodized aluminum and stainless steel products are widely used because of their corrosion-resistant properties. Learn more about how these two metals react when they’re pitted against each other in a corrosive environment.

Benefits of Industrial Anodizing Services From INCERTEC

Superior corrosion resistance and sleek aesthetics are why so many customers around the world turn to INCERTEC for commercial anodizing services. Depending on the size and configuration of your part, our coating tanks can hold up to 3,000 individual parts at a time, depending on the size and configuration. The sheer volume of our coating capabilities sets us apart from most competitors and allows faster turnaround times for our customers.

Here are a few other reasons why industry leaders choose INCERTEC for commercial anodizing:

  • • Ability to coat large-volume projects efficiently
  • • GE Aviation, AS9100 and Nadcap Certified
  • • Experience with Fortune 500 & 100s for precision anodizing

Our commercial anodizing services are designed to coat large volumes of parts for ultimate corrosion resistance. If your industry demands high wear-resistance in your products, INCERTEC’s coating solutions may be what you need for superior functionality.

You can also save time and money by using our in-house metal heat treating service. All industrial aluminum needs heat treatment, so save on manufacturing and shipping costs by completing your anodizing and heat-treating services under one roof with INCERTEC.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

Our 2 full-time chemists are here to help manufacturers find the best solutions for their part. Learn more about our product development services or contact our team to find out how we can help your business.