Our industrial anodizing services increase corrosion resistance for an array of industries and materials. Browse our options below to find the right process for you.
Type I Chromic Anodize type-1-andozingWhen using chromic acid for precision anodizing, the acid enhances corrosion resistance in the aluminum parts. This process produces a thin opaque film that is self-healing to a degree, along with being soft, non-conductive, and ductile.
type-2-andozingType II Sulfuric Anodize Our NADCAP anodizing services provide a multitude of uses, depending on the type. The process of using electrolytic oxidation to create an aluminum oxide surface on an aluminum part is called Type II Anodizing. It can also be referred to as regular anodizing or sulfuric anodizing.
type-3-anodizingType III Hardcoat The most durable commercial anodizing possible is the Type III hardcoat. This coat will resist wear on electroless nickel and hard chrome for years to come.
type-3-anodizingMasking In order to keep all defined areas protected, we use masking to keep every inch of the material safe from being exposed throughout the anodizing process.