Type 3 (III) Hard Coat Anodizing

Type 3 (III) Hard Coat Anodizing on a gun part





Type 3 hard coat anodizing, also known as hard coat anodizing, is similar to Type 2. However, the typical coating thickness is around .002 of which 50% is penetration and 50% buildup per surface. This is the most durable anodize finish and has wear characteristics comparable to electroless nickel and hard chrome. INCERTEC’s Type 3 hard coat anodizing services are used for applications that need to hold up to heavy usage and extreme conditions without needing to be replaced.

Why Type 3 Anodizing?

Certain industries demand a harder coating for their products to minimize chipping, breaking, or corroding under harsh conditions. That’s where INCERTEC’s Type 3 hard coat anodizing services come in. We provide Teflon and PTFE hard coat anodizing for the following industries:

Type 3 anodizing is a great candidate for high-usage parts and products that will require ultimate durability and corrosion resistance. INCERTEC has years of experience coating parts such as engine pistons, hunting bows, gun parts, and even cookware to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions.

With a hardness of 60-70 on the Rockwell C scale, Type 3 anodizing proves to be a superior coating when compared to chrome, ceramic or nickel. The end result is a finish that’s harder than tool steel. While this type of coating is denser than Type 2, it won’t add weight to a part, making it a great option for industries like aerospace where weight is a critical factor.

Qualifications Matter for Type 3 Anodizing

Trusted by some of the biggest names in the aerospace, medical and outdoor recreation industries, INCERTEC’s Type 3 hard coat anodizing is the service professionals turn to when durability is a priority. INCERTEC has also earned certifications to back up the experience.

Nadcap Certifications Include:

Anodic Coating – Aluminum: Sulfuric Acid Anodize – Undyed or Dyed (DC02) per

  • • AMS 2471
  • • AMS 2472
  • • MIL-A-8625

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Want more information about INCERTEC’s anodizing capabilities? Please reach out to our plating facility for any questions about our process. If you have a project that will need cost-efficient Type 3 anodizing, request a quick quote.

PROCESS: Anodize (Type I – Chromic, Type II – Sulfuric, Type III – Hardcoat)

AMS-A-8625 MIL-A-8625
AMS 2468 AMS 2472
AMS 2471 AMS 2469
AMS 2482 S-414

Type 3 Anodizing Operations:

Type II & Type III Plating Operations: Minneapolis, MN and Empalme, Sonora – Mexico  
Optional Anodizing Services: RoHs Compliant, NADCAP, Teflon Impregnated
Available Colors: Clear, Black, Blue, and Red