Our electroless nickel coating (EN plating) is generally applied in a range from 25-250 microns, depending on what you need for your specific part. Working with us for your electroless nickel plating needs will ensure that the nickel deposits will be uniform throughout the entire part. This makes it excellent against corrosion for your metal substrate part. The benefit you gain from working with our electroless nickel plating company is that your part won’t require any other surface finishing.

We are also AMS 2404 electroless nickel plating certified. You can view our other specifications below or jump to our electrolytic nickel plating and electroless nickel immersion gold plating pages.

Electroless Nickel Plating Advantages

Also known as autocatalytic nickel, electroless nickel plating companies offer many advantages:

  • – Uniform layer thickness over most complicated surfaces
  • – Direct plating of ferrous metals (steel)
  • – Superior wear and corrosion resistance to electroplated nickel or chrome

Much of the chrome plating done in the aerospace industry can be replaced with an electroless nickel finish; environmental costs, costs of hexavalent chromium waste disposal and a notorious tendency of uneven current distribution favor electroless nickel (EN) plating.

Contact our team to get started on your bulk electroless nickel plating project and ask about getting a free quote.

AMS 2404 AMS-C-26074
ASTM B733 MIL-C-26074
580-5296 580-5692-001
952-0766 AMS C 26074
MIL-C-26074 580-0766
580-0766-001 AMS 2404
ASTM-B-733 R056A201

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