Electroplated gold parts

INCERTEC is internationally known as a trusted provider of electroplated gold and pure gold coating. We are accredited by NADCAP at both our Minneapolis/St. Paul headquarters and our Empalme, Sonora, MX international plating facility. NADCAP accredited gold plating specifications are shown below.

INCERTEC specializes in highly precise electrodeposited pure gold plating on contact probes and other delicate parts making us a go-to partner for manufacturers in the medical device, aerospace, critical defense, and computer technology fields. We routinely plate gold of all grades and types onto a wide variety of substrates including aluminum, brass, copper (and copper alloys), stainless steel (and stainless steel alloys), titanium, and tungsten copper.

We routinely plate gold of all grades and types onto a wide variety of substrates including:

  • • Aluminum
  • • Brass
  • • Copper (and copper alloys)
  • • Stainless steel (and stainless steel alloys)
  • • Titanium
  • • Tungsten copper

Additionally, we are one of very few companies worldwide with the expertise and experience for plating gold on various composite substrates. Aesthetically, the luster of the gold will depend on the type of substrate it’s being applied to. The base material will also affect the gold’s color. An aluminum base will produce a brighter appearance than one with copper.

MIL-DTL-45204 Gold Plating Services for Aerospace Industry and More

Looking for services for your specific industry? Even if you don’t work in the defense industry, you can be assured that our gold plating services are up to military-grade demands.

We provide plating that is up to MIL-G-45204 as well as MIL-DTL-45204 certification standards. These rigorous accreditations ensure that your electroplated gold aligns with these standards’ defined types and grades:

Type I – 99.7% gold minimum
Type II – 99.0% gold minimum
Type III – 99.9% gold minimum

Grade A – Knoop hardness 90 maximum
Grade B – Knoop hardness 91-129
Grade C – Knoop hardness 130-200
Grade D – Knoop hardness 201+

MIL-DTL-45204 MIL-G-45204
ASTM B488 AMS 2422
580-0143 580-011-000
112-162-1 112-162-2
112-162-3 112-162-5
112-162-6 112-162-7
163526 2308504
40001-057 981213
9902112 9902138
AE3-103 AMS 2425
50-14946 FS-102
FS-164 FS006-701
001-00187-0000/0025 PC13270-01
PS-113 Q6002
SS3A855D01 AE3-103-01
AE3-103-02 AE3-103-03
AE3-103-04 AE3-103-05
AE3-103-06 AE3-103-07
AE3-103-08 AE3-103-09

Why Should You Get Gold Plating Services?

Gold’s advantageous properties include solderability, corrosion resistance, radiation reflection and electrical and thermal conductivity. Its electrical conductivity is ideal for applications that require low voltages.

The type of gold plating you should get depends on your application needs:

Hard Plating

If your application requires repeated sliding or connection wear of your gold part, Type I, or “hard gold,” is your best option. While less pure, this type of gold is more resistant to abrasive deformation. Pins, bolts, and other connection points are the types of parts best suited for hard-gold electroplating.

Soft Plating

When soldering, electrical conductivity, or corrosion resistance matter most, it’s better to use a Type III “soft gold” for your electroplating project. This type of gold is also better for high-temperature applications, as hard gold may oxidize when exposed to heat.

Find a Gold Electroplating Solution

Don’t know which type of electroplated gold is right for your application? From defense to aerospace gold plating, we are here to help you find the best solution.

Contact us today to get started on your custom project!

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