COM port connector with gold contacts that has been plated in gold

We offer hermetic packaging gold plating services from our headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. We are NADCAP accredited and a trusted partner to many seeking gold plating services. Gold plating hermetic connectors is one of our specialties that we offer manufacturers seeking glass-to-metal sealing technology to optimize performance in extreme temperature environments.

Gold Plating Hermetic Connectors Process

Gold plating hermetic connectors is performed when a product comes in contact with various atmospheric pressures, environmental changes, soil and other hazards that could interrupt an electrical connection. Products that need to remain together for long periods of time are put through the process of gold plating so they remain unharmed and are secure for the long haul.

Using glass-to-metal sealed connectors work because the glass gives something strong and exact for the metal shell to connect with. When the two materials are compressed together, a hermetic seal is created. This is vital for companies that deal in low and high air pressures like the military and aerospace industries.

The Advantages of Gold Plating Hermetic Connectors

The gold plating hermetic connector process is prevalent in countless industries such as aerospace, defense, medical, oil & gas (petrochemical), satellite, marine, industrial, automotive and optical. We have offered services to many of these industries and have the experience manufacturers can rely on when handling their products.

Gold plated hermetic connectors are found almost anywhere a reliable electrical connection is needed because of the durability they provide.

Hermetic packaging with gold plating is compatible with the following materials: Alloy 52, stainless steel (SST), steel alloys, brass & copper.

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MIL-DTL-45204 MIL-G-45204
ASTM B488 AMS 2422

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