Stack of zinc-nickel electroplated metal parts used in machinery based industryZinc-nickel is a high-performance coating that helps slow corrosion on parts frequently used for military and aerospace environments. Both zinc and nickel are widely used in a variety of finishing applications on their own, but an alloy of the two metals provides far more resistance to corrosion than either of the individual metals can offer.

Zinc-nickel (ZnNi) plating is an environmentally friendly alternative to cadmium. It combines the sacrificial coating properties of zinc with the strength, ductility, and corrosion resistance of nickel. This creates a surface finish that, in some cases, is superior to cadmium.

The zinc-nickel alloy ranges from 12-20% nickel and the remainder consists of zinc. Deposits are uniform semi-bright with a fine crystalline structure. The nickel content improves the corrosion resistance properties up to 10 times that of standard zinc plating. Although not required, a post-chromate treatment can be applied to add additional protection.


  • • RoHS alternative to cadmium
  • • High ductility
  • • 500+ hours salt spray protection
  • • Excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance in high-temperature applications
  • • Zinc-nickel can be used in galvanic coupling applications where the coating is intended to minimize corrosion caused by the interaction of dissimilar metals.

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This has been a topic discussed for many years regarding a RoHS environmentally friendly alternative to cadmium plating. The idea of this finish replacing cadmium has been discussed for decades. With little push from the U.S. OEM markets, zinc-nickel has not seen a whole lot of traction.

Alternatives to Cadmium in Aerospace (5 min read)


  • • Type 1: As plated without supplementary treatment, service temperature 500°F max.
  • • Type 2: As plated with supplementary chromate treatment
    • Grade A: Hexavalent chromate treatment, service temperature 250°F max.
      Grade B: Trivalent chromium treatment, service temperature 375°F max.
  • • Type 3: As plated with supplementary phosphate treatment (Adhesion base for primer/paint), service temperature 350°F max.
  • • Unless type is specified, Type 2 shall be supplied
  • • For Type 2 plating, if no grade is specified, Grade A shall be supplied.

NADCAP Certification Assurance

If your project requires a NADCAP-certified process, you can rely on INCERTEC to get the job done right. Our certifications include AMS 2417. What does that mean for you? It provides the assurance that our processes are reviewed against strict industry guidelines, guaranteeing high-quality zinc-nickel plating services. Our processes are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are up to date and effective. These certifications are nationally recognized by aerospace industry professionals, so you can depend on our plating services when precision is an expectation.

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