A designer and an engineer discuss the best process for a new product development project
INCERTEC offers services for manufacturers at the design/prelaunch phase of new product development. We specialize in identifying issues that may arise and address electroplating, plating, masking or pretreating problems during the design phase before they halt your production process.

Our goal is to identify any plating issues clients may have moving forward into the prototyping phase. Contact our team for a quote to get started!

INCERTEC has worked with several Fortune 500/100 companies on projects that rely on metal finishing services. Our success stems from our belief that we are a partner in this process, guiding your team through the creation of your new part. We want to make sure you and your company avoid making costly mistakes during the design phase.

Your Partner in the New Product Development Process

Let us add value to your product development before issues arise by contacting our Minnesota office.

Transparency from Industry Experts

INCERTEC’s specialists have more than 70 years of metal finishing experience. With the help of 2 degreed chemists, we offer tech-forward solutions that comply with a number of certifications.

There is no smoke and mirrors when developing a product with INCERTEC. A partnership with us means open and honest communication to keep the cost of your part down.

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Customer Testimonials

INCERTEC has worked with a supplier of AlumiPlate for the past 15 years providing various plating needs. This client required a higher standard of quality compared to the industry standard so we could meet AlumiPlate adhesion and visual quality requirements.

“As an engineering manager, I have worked with INCERTEC to develop many dedicated processes for part specific applications. INCERTEC is highly capable of developing unique plating processes and quality requirements, and documenting them in frozen process travelers for continued lot batch processing. On many projects, we worked together to develop plating standards for our customers to use when specifying future requirements.

“INCERTEC’s R&D team has worked with us and our customer on many projects to solve complex plating application problems. In these applications, unique process solutions — including chemistry and tooling development — were required to achieve success. INCERTEC was involved directly in meetings with us and our customer as we worked through this development process. The end result was the successful implementation of a production process with high yields at a fair cost.

“The team at INCERTEC has gained a high degree of confidence from everyone at AlumiPlate and our customers. I definitely recommend them for R&D projects, as well as complex applications that have high-level quality requirements.”

Another one of our clients expressed their confidence in our industry expertise and how it is applied prior to a new product launch.

“Incertec has established themselves as one of the leaders in metal plating services. They are highly sought after for their unique expertise in plating metal on plastic and other unique substrates. Personally, I’ve had a great experience working with Jerrid Matson and his team on many early stage projects. The team’s knowledge and vast experience in this area is impressive. They are also nimble and flexible when it comes to trying new things. This attractive combination put together with the cost advantage Incertec brings to the table makes them a natural choice for all plating needs.”

How Our Product Development Works

Before jumping to the design phase for your part, talk to our specialists to ensure your electroplating needs can be met.

When our team qualifies new customer products, we want to ensure our process takes into account the variables in customer products without sacrificing quality and efficiency. This helps us incorporate a higher level of accountability and systemization for any new process or new customer product qualification.

Checklist of What We Need from You

√ Specifications
√ Plating Thickness
√ Minimum Thickness
√ Base Material Used
√ Preferred Quality Assurance Test Methods
√ Special Features
√ Quantity

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