Maquiladora Manufacturing Plant

Our partnering maquiladora in Empalme, Mexico allows our multinational corporation to produce plated parts for international manufacturers in an efficient manner. This provides an opportunity to experience a high-quality process and receive parts at a lower cost with the added benefit of logistics.

Maquiladoras specialize in the assembly of raw materials for manufacturing purposes that we support with international anodizing and plating services.

Our maquiladora supports NADCAP-accredited international electroplating and anodizing services to a variety of industries including aerospace, healthcare and energy.

International Spec Plating Capabilities

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Parque Ind Bella Vista, Edif 13A-D
Carretera Internacional KM 1969
Empalme, Sonora CP 85340
Phone: +011 52 (622) 223-5851

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13A-D Parque Ind Bella Vista, Edif
Carretera Internacional KM 1969
Empalme, Sonora CP85340