If you’re interested in learning about gold plating costs for your part, our calculator makes the process easy. Just follow the instructions below to request a quote, calculate your price and submit a purchase order. Once we have received your information, you will be able to send in your parts.

Step 1: Request for Quotation

Request for quotation by using the Request A Quick Quote form on our website. Please include all drawings, estimated usage and specifications. A detailed quote will be emailed back to you.

Step 2: Calculating Your Gold Price

After you receive your quote, use our gold price calculator below to figure out what the cost of gold plating will be if Incertec processes your parts today. You must call 1-800-638-2573 to get the Fabricated Gold Price to put in the first box of the calculator. Our quote will include a Gold Price to put in the 3rd box of the calculator, and a Gold Factor for the 4th box. See example quote and calculator below.


Gold Price Calculator

1. Call 1-800-638-2573 to get the Daily Fabricated Gold Price. (Available 24/7, updated daily at 10:30AM EST)
2. Enter Fabricated Gold Price below
3. Enter Base Price from YOUR QUOTE below
4. Enter Gold Factor from YOUR QUOTE below
5. Today's price will be automatically calculated for you.
6. Enter your name and e-mail, hit SUBMIT to receive an e-mailed copy.
  • Do not override the pre filled value of $1,000.

Step 3: Preparing Your Purchase Order

Prepare your purchase order with one of the two methods: (By using the example above)

  • 1. Enter your price as $273.10 / 1,000 pcs. Gold factor of 0.26936. We will invoice using this formula based on the gold market the day we process your parts.
  • 2. Figure out your gold plating cost using the gold calculator the day you write your purchase order and enter that price on your purchase order. If there are any changes in the gold market from the day you write the purchase order to the day we process the parts, we will notify you the change in price.

*Reference the quote number on your purchase order, along with any special instructions.

Step 4: Sending Your Parts

Send your parts to 490 Northco Drive NE, Fridley, MN 55432. Please enclose a copy of your purchase order with the parts when you send them to us. Call Customer Service with any questions: (763) 717-7016 x1201