INCERTEC Acquires Circle City Heat Treating and Circle City Cryogenics

INCERTEC is proud to add heat treating and cryogenic freezing services to complement its existing pre-treating, conversion, anodizing and plating services. In acquiring Circle City Heat Treating and Circle City Cryogenics, INCERTEC is equipped and prepared to immediately become a premier provider of heat treating and cryogenic freezing services.

Existing Circle City Customers

If you are an existing Circle City customer, good news! There will be no interruption to your services and they will proceed as normal.

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Learn more about our new offerings:

Heat Treating Overview

Oil Hardening


Open Air

Cryogenic Freezing

Flame Hardening

Black Oxide

If you’re interested in INCERTEC’s new heat treating or cryogenic freezing services, give us a call! We’d be happy to answer any questions and give you a free quote.

For Heat Treating Services, Call: (317) 638-2252

For Cryogenic Freezing Services, call: (317) 440-9102

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