INCERTEC provides medical plating services for medical devices, implantables, instruments and more. Our medical plating customers rely on us for quality, so we tightly control processes to make sure we meet-and exceed-their high expectations.

In addition to traditional plating applications, INCERTEC is able to take on your toughest R&D plating challenges. Cost reduction? Weight reduction? Plating on materials that have never been plated before? We have a track record for plating development and innovation, and a passion for creating solutions for our customers, including plating rare earth magnetic for pumps.

INCERTEC has the technical ability to metalize alloys of rare earth elements like neodymium, samarium and dysprosium which are used in rare earth magnets. Treating the world’s strongest magnets requires specific technical knowledge and experience, and INCERTEC has the facilities and personnel ideally suited to the task. We encourage you to contact INCERTEC today to discuss your current project, secure an estimate or find out how we can help your R&D team develop a cost-effective metal plating solution.

Medical Device Finishes
  • Aluminum anodizing
  • Anodizing Type II
  • Anodizing Type III
  • Gold plating
  • Silver plating
  • Medical Passivation
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