A Message to Our Customers:


Here at Incertec, health and safety are our number one goal. Plating operations are inherently dangerous with various harsh chemicals. However, COVID-19 presents a new kind of threat that creates a different type of reaction.


As of right now, Incertec is not changing business hours or halting operations. Our entire staff is taking extra precautionary measures with hygiene, including limiting person-to-person contact during shipping and receiving and wearing gloves while handling product. Additionally, all customer and supplier visits are rescheduled until April 1. 


Besides this additional level of precaution, everything is business as usual for us at Incertec.


We need to use common sense in our interactions, and we ask all employees, customers and suppliers to take similar precautions. We value the safety of our workforce not just because they are employees, but because we work together. Let’s be safe.


Take care,

The Incertec team