INCERTEC routinely handles a wide variety of electroplated plastic and coatings on an equally broad spectrum of substrates. The process used will depend on your application but could include:

Process: Chromic Etching

In a traditional method to prepare ABS and ABS/PC for metalized plastics, the part is etched with a chromic acid solution and creates a surface ready for plating. INCERTEC’s state-of-the-art water treatment system overcomes any negative environmental impact and, in-fact, we return water back to the environment cleaner than we received from the municipality.

Chromic Etching Operations: Minneapolis, MN and Empalme, Mexico

Process: Surface roughening

A mechanical technique to prepare the substrate, INCERTEC can precisely and selectively blast etch components to the proper profile to ensure effective nickel or copper plating on plastic.

Surface Roughening Operations: Minneapolis, MN and Empalme, Mexico

Process: Reactive Gasses

A new, and highly effective, method for preparing various types of polymers, many of which cannot be chemically etched or confidently plated at all. This method causes the atomic structure of the polymer to change to a depth of up to 25 microns creating a polar and hydrophilic surface, which can then be metalized. The process yields improved adhesion and consistent results.

Chromic Etching Operations: Minneapolis, MN