INCERTEC routinely handles a wide variety of electroplated plastic and coatings on an equally broad spectrum of substrates. The process used will depend on your application but could include:

Process: Chromic Etching

In a traditional method to prepare ABS and ABS/PC for metalized plastics, the part is etched with a chromic acid solution and creates a surface ready for plating. INCERTEC’s state-of-the-art water treatment system overcomes any negative environmental impact and, in-fact, we return water back to the environment cleaner than we received from the municipality.

Chromic Etching Operations: Minneapolis, MN and Empalme, Mexico

Process: Surface roughening

A mechanical technique to prepare the substrate, INCERTEC can precisely and selectively blast etch components to the proper profile to ensure effective nickel or copper plating on plastic.

Surface Roughening Operations: Minneapolis, MN and Empalme, Mexico

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