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Introducing Our Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold Service

INCERTEC will begin offering electroless nickel immersion gold plating (ENIG) services at our Fridley production facility. This capability will allow us to protect electroless nickel-plated parts.

What Is ENIG Plating?

ENIG is a surface plating process that applies a layer of gold on top of a component that’s been plated with electroless nickel. This layer is meant to cover and protect the plated part from oxidation, which can jeopardize the strength and longevity of the part.

To implement this process, INCERTEC created a specific proprietary ENIG plating chemistry that deposits an autocatalytic coating onto stainless steel, steel, alloy 42 & 52, Kovar, copper, brass and aluminum.

ENIG plating capabilities are commonly used for preserving components that can be used in the aerospace industry.

The uniform plating deposit gives ENIG many advantages. It’s also reliable for soldering and bonding. The process offers complete coverage for uniquely shaped parts that traditional electrolytic plating cannot reach.

“Offering electroless nickel immersion gold plating is another way we’re widening our horizons as an electroplating company,” said INCERTEC President Rob Clark. “We hope this plating technique will help more manufacturers create more practical products consumers can enjoy.”

The new ENIG process will be an added plating service offered by INCERTEC. Here are our other plating capabilities:

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