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INCERTEC uses custom masking solutions to keep desired areas of parts protected throughout the anodizing, coating or plating process. Masking protects these areas so that they are not exposed to processing chemistries. We use a variety of temporary plating masking products including various liquid stop-off lacquers, several types of tape, and a wide range of different plugs based on the type of coating that is being applied. Contact one of INCERTEC’s experts for more information

Masking for Anodizing Parts

Masking is especially critical on anodic coatings due to the nature of the coating. With anodize processes, the coating thickness is actually a combination of penetration into the material and build up, instead of solely being a buildup onto the material like other coatings. Masking protects the areas of the part that do not require anodization and maintains a conductive surface with no dimensional change from the anodizing process.

We also offer the ability to create reusable masks for on-going jobs to make the process efficient when you need more masking and laser ablation of anodic coatings when part marking or very defined demarcation lines are required.

Processes where masking helps protect defined areas from being exposed: Anodizing, Hardcoat, Electroless Nickel Coating, Gold Plating and more.

If you want to learn more about our masking process and how it helps protect surfaces, contact the INCERTEC team.

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Anodizing can be a harsh experience for a metal. Our masking helps protect the areas where anodizing isn’t needed.


Hardcoat is the most durable anodic coating available. That’s why masking is an important first step toward protecting the surface surrounding the hardcoat.

Electroless Nickel Coating

Because electroless nickel coating is used to provide a uniform layer of thickness over complicated surfaces, masking is used to protect the surface not receiving the coating.

Gold Plating

INCERTEC specializes in highly precise electrodeposited pure gold plating, and we’re experts at accurate masking on delicate parts.